Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just another Artwalk...

So my club, the San Joaquin Graphics Art League (or some such variation of those words)missed out on last month's art walk and we thought we should go ahead and make it out to this month's. When we arrived we were a bit apprehensive as there were no other artists in the plaza and we were not exactly sure if the art walk was actually being held that day but after talking to one of the people working there they assured us that it was so we unloaded all of our stuff. Unlike the previous attempts at setting up at art walk, there were no designated spaces on the plaza which was a relief. Not that we don't appreciate being able to participate in art walk, but the month before last they had placed us outside of the movie theater courtyard and down the street in front of an abandoned building. So not the most traffic heavy of areas. That day we were told we could set up in the plaza granted there was nobody else in the spot we wanted and i believe nobody else showed up that month either so that made it easy.

The weather was nice. There was no loud band for most of the day until there was one, a Christian worship group that was somewhat confused as to what direction they should go in. They had no drummer so they resorted to playing around drumbeats generated by the keyboardists super fancy Casio number but even then they stretched that poor little instrument to the breaking points crossing genres from stereotypical hokey Christian worship band singing tunes about Jesus being awesome, Carlos Santana covers, and at one point playing the backing music for a Christian rapper who brought the audience of literally four or five vanned in fans to the brink of spiritual reawakening. I was given an invitation to an event that boasted "The Promise of Miracle Healing is for you too!" I some how doubt it. It's not that I think the people that believe in Miracle Healing are ridiculous, I heard testimonies from the band that all of them had been miraculously healed of their crippling drug addictions with the wonders of Miracle Healing. Oh wait, I actually kind of do.

But the point is, I made a drawing that day. See?

I love drawing Batman. I love drawing Robin. Together? Psh, can't get enough of it. Especially all fast and unrefined like this. It is to me, what crippling drug addictions were to all those people that are being Healed Miraculously.

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