Monday, March 30, 2009

Robin the Boy Wonder

Another month another comicbloc contest for me to waste inordinate ammounts of time on. I managed to sneak a win last month with my star sapphire picture that I despised but I didn't pick that months' challenge, so I had little say in the matter. I did win this months so of course with Battle of the Cowl coming out and all the former boy wonders going all crazy and shit. I have been using nonphoto blue pencils so you'd think this work is cleaner right? Wrong. The awesome nonphoto blue prisma I was using is out of stock where i bought them before which meant i am using these shitty ones that don't erase. Ah well.

Now just add water and throw them all together...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's a Miserable World.

Walked through Delta college and noticed a lot of people sitting idly by. From my experiences there are a lot of lazy students at this school that would rather socialize than go to classes, makes for a horrible environment. I saw a group of black students shouting at each other. Saw a group of white students shouting at a mentally handicapped man. Saw a different mentally handicapped man shouting at no one at all. Pretty horrible environment for learning. Still probably not why about half of the students drop out.

At Delta, there is a child care service where people can leave children during the day while they go do any number of things. I do not judge, some people just need children taken care of to work, so be it if they work the system to facilitate this. Good for them. Saw a mother picking up her daughter and the teacher told her mother that she will miss the daughter when she graduates to kindygarten [sic]. It's not the first time I've heard kindergarten called this and recalled my experiences of learning absolutely nothing in kindergarten because while I am not a Spanish speaker, because of my ethnicity I was placed in a Spanish speaking class. It was probably there I developed antisocial behavior. The word "kindygarten" annoys me. It's too cutesy for my taste and I wish I didn't listen to other people's conversations.
I saw a woman pushing a stroller with a lit cigarette in her hand over the baby as it cried. I chuckled. Maybe it will get cancer before ever having an opportunity to enter kindygarten. The woman and the man with her looked deviant. The woman wore a pinstriped black business suit and the man black slacks and a red shirt with a black tie. This would have been fine had the man not had a shaved head with flame tattoos on his temple with a long black goatee that made him look something like Anton LaVay. Woman walked into Sears and the man stayed outside with the baby who no doubt appreciate not suffering any longer the side effects of second hand smoke. Good for the baby.