Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's Supergirl

I have no idea what it is, and it's certainly not some kind of perversion, but some of my best pictures are when I draw Supergirl. Why? Not quite sure but here are two older drawings I've done of her that I particularly like...

Granted those are older so they actually are not that good in comparison to things I do now but I still think they are pretty decent in comparison to the stuff I was doing then. You know what I'm saying? Of course you do. I just think its impossible not to draw Supergirl pleasantly. That's just her factory setting, you have to work to make her look pissed off or slutty but a real sweet looking Supergirl? That's just fun to do in between scowling Batman and enraged Wolverines.

Anyhow, My buddy Frank Stone who is a phenomenal artist was saying I should bring him something to ink so I thought about it and figured If there was one thing I wanted to draw back when I was sketching for something to bring him, it was Supergirl and so...

That's exactly what I did. I'll note it was a long time between the Supergirl holding a puppy drawing up there so I felt I could do the whole "somebody holding an small animal" thing again without any guilt. Also I sort of forgot about it till just right now. So I handed that off to Frank at the aforementioned artwalk and he sent me this email the next day.

Now, I dunno about you, but I thought that was awesome. Probably the best inks over any of my drawings primarily because they were not done by me. Huge thanks to Frank again, and again you can see more of his work over here... So later on that night I was able to get this done.

Look at that, the picture from start to finish. That's pretty rare with me to do that kind of breakdown. Might do it again sooner because it looks kinda cool all laid out like that.

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Charlie Wilkins said...

Nice man, cool to see the process laid out like that!