Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hey look, I drew Batman and Robin. Unusual..

I think I've drawn Batman and Robin pretty much more than any comic book characters ever. That's just because they are awesome. When I'm bored, and I scribble stuff, most likely my doodles are of them two. It's just like... an uncontrollable urge. Some people can't help but hit people over the head unconscious, drag them home, carve them up into pieces dipping parts that would identify them into a vat of acid and eat their flesh but I draw Batman and Robin instead. Anyhow, here is the latest picture of them. This is an homage or swipe or whatever you'd personally like to call it of an iconic Carmine Infantino drawing

And here is mine.

The pencils:

The inks:

The flats:

And finally the finished one with lots of airbrushing and effects to hopefully distract people from the fact that its not all that well drawn.

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Defenders

Here's another collaboration I did with the San Joaquin Graphic Arts League (yes, that's what we call ourselves, impressive huh?) This time around we decided to do The Defenders because it was another super hero team that consists of four reasonably popular superheroes. Technically, it was my pick and that was all the logic I put behind it. Next time up we'll be doing either Jem and the Holograms or the characters from Wizard of Oz fighting flying monkeys. It should be awesome. Anyhow, here are the individual drawings that I received from Frank Stone who was kickass enough to ink all of the drawings for us.

Okay, so this is my Silver Surfer...

This is Mike Dimayuga's Doctor Strange... To see more of Mike's work go here

This is Frank Stone's Namor the Submariner... To see more of Frank's work go here

And last but most popular, this is Betsy Luntao's Hulk. To see more work of Betsy's work go here

I would also like to note that Frank named all of these files DefJam_charactername which I think was pretty hip of him. I certainly didn't think of it ever the process of working on this jam picture until it was pointed out to me by him in his file naming.

After some coloring and cutting and pasting and frankly, sorcery, I was able to come out with this here...

I was going for like a cool mid nineties alternative feel with the unsaturated colors and the squished font. I think it worked. And it conjures up the idea of bananas I think because it's so damn yellow. That's still pretty edgy and stuff, I think. Bananas, I mean.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Casual Stroll Through the Lunatic Asylum

So here's a picture I did on Halloween almost entirely to have something to do on Halloween.

Something fun, I mean.

It's festive though, right? They're all scary and stuff.