Saturday, January 31, 2009


The following is my artistic statement for a sculpture class. My "art" will all fit this general theme. I am going to share it with you.


From birth, people in modern society are taught to believe that individuality is the ultimate goal of self growth. To be special. To be unique. To be loved.

Ironic that, considering the social equation that is supposed to produce a product of idiosyncratic behaviors is the same that creates the rampant conformity that spreads through civilization like the poisonous venom coursing through the veins of a snakebite victim.

But why is that so bad? If this contradiction should be resolved, why not eliminate the indiviuality that is throwing the balance of things asunder?


Submit to the current sociopolitical landscape.

Submit to the bitter reality that there is no control, people are just groups of atomic firestorms going through the motions set into effect by the big bang.

Submit to beautifully uniformed chaos.

Submit to the vacuum of truly original human thought and submit to the concept of a universal subconscious that controls us all.

No one is special. No one is unique. No one is loved.

There is no real meaning of art. There is no real meaning of god.

There is no Jesus Christ. No Ward Cleaver. No Superman.


Everything is going to be okay. Nothing could be any other way.




The Seven Soldiers of Victory

This is another contest I entered just for the fun of entering contests and it's a pin up of the original seven soldiers of victory. The theme was golden age and I think the group represents everything awesome about the golden age of comics. You got the big time pulp hero in Crimson Avenger,

you got the western stories with Vigilante,

the fantasy with Shining Knight,

you've got the superheroes with a child being put into extreme danger... and tights in Star Spangled Boy and Stripsey,then of course the same thing but with bows and arrows in Green Arrow and Speedy. Because archery is badass!

Hmm, if the blue turned just a bit ago, that is totally not intentional. Sometimes I just can't control the font that appears on my screen. Hope that isn't a link to nowhere...

Anyways, so I put these all together with some magic and no computer work whatsoever and this is the end product.
Feel free to click it and see its true size. I think it will show in full size anyways, its done so in the past.

Anyways, hope all of you (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) like it and stuff.

Victim of Resizings...

Well, I had some pretty big pipe dreams of entering this project rooftop Batman 2.0 challenge thing that's going to go down soon and I spent a lot of time working on a high resolution image of Dick Grayson as Batman with a cheesy Japanese hero/batmobile/batman beyond mash up of ideas that probably didn't work out as well as I would have hoped they did... Anyways, I uploaded the bastard on photobucked and say how silly it looked shrunk down so I went into Gimp which is what I use to color and work on it at 427 pixels wide which isn't very big... then I save OVER the psd file! Argh, huge headache and now all that high res work I did is essentially ruined with only a rougher draft left as a relic of the image that I had going. I am going to use that one to show anyone reading this blog here and now:

Course you click on it and see it at its full size.

Anyways, so here was the one I ended up emailing to the fine folks over there at project rooftop.

So there you have it. It's not very different from the first one and its not like extremely tiny but the angle is different the background is lighter and there are just some minor differences that I was getting really caught up over that became my undoing in the end when I couldn't go back to the pre-image scale version.

I probably won't even be in the little mentioned ones because the more I look at this, the more I see everything that's wrong with it.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

DC Superheroes

Some of my favorite dc characters done in a similar pin up style that I have a lot of fun drawing.