Monday, January 31, 2011


This is my drawing of the JLA. Just the pencils.

The idea was that a year ago, I really wanted to draw the JLA at their best. Because I was, and am, convinced that every comic book character is the best when Grant Morrison writes them, I made sure to use the line up that he used when he wrote them in 1997ish. But it's not 1997ish, it's 2011ish so I updated the costumes appropriately. These are the inks that I did on my computer. Because in 2011ish, drawing on a computer is a cool thing to do and I desperately want to be cool. These are the inks. Notice, I completely changed Wonder Woman and Batman's costumes but none of the anatomy mistakes I made last year. That's a commitment to mediocrity.

When I colored it, I used a lot of color holds and only bright colors. This bold, over the top, pulpy interpretation of the Justice League is how I look back at Morrison's JLA run. When I read it, I didn't know who Grant Morrison was, I only knew that the stories were insane and the faces, drawn by Howard Porter mainly, were usually ugly to me. Also, that batman had shoulder points offended me on some guttural level that, to this day, makes it hard for me to go back and read what are surely some of the best comics ever written. At least that's what people tell me. And I want to believe them because I want to fit in.

But who doesn't?

Look at Batman.