Tuesday, August 11, 2009

And Then I Got a Tablet...

Alright, so here's the thing. Back when I first started coloring images on my computer using gimp, I never thought I would progress to the point where I would even fathom investing in a tablet because it was essentially just a hobby. It would feel like buying a grand piano because I felt like playing around on a keyboard every now and then. And I have no desire to do that either. But a tablet just seemed like such a professional refined tool that I would have never really imagined employing one back in the days when I didn't know that by saving a file with a .psd extension I could save multiple layers. It was just above my head back when I did this, my first attempt at digital coloring.

Ugh, I'm sort of embarrassed to post that here but I guess it shows how far I have come if I used to think that was pretty good, right?

Anyhow, more to the point, here is a picture I did of my friend Brandon's design for the Carrie Kelly incarnation of Robin which can be seen here...

You'll notice this probably isn't one of my better drawings but the thing about this one is that it's completely done on the tablet which led me to a couple conclusions about my using a tablet to do art. 1) I can do it for the most part and it'll look pretty decent. 2) It's time consuming as all hell. Now that might not be the case for everyone but I've found that when given the option I will work very close in on the image and what I get is a few good spots of the drawing that probably don't pull together very well in the end. But more importantly I've come to the conclusion that I have some awesome friends because I didn't take any great financial risk in acquiring this tablet, but it was given to me because they were already using tablets and this one was passed down to me. Awesome, right? I thought so.

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