Monday, June 21, 2010


So back when I was getting ready for Free Comic Book Day and apparently thought I wasn't stretched thin enough, I offered to do some drawings for a few of the shops that could give away or raffle or sell or keep or essentially do WHATEVER with them if they wanted them. So basically, I thought a fun theme would be to take a prominent character from Marvel and DC and have them fighting because who doesn't love a good fight? Nobody. Everyone loves violence so I figured why NOT do it. I drew them pretty fast, about one night each and had a lot of fun inking them surprisingly.

One thing I will note is I drew them on a non waxy side of cheap poster-boards that I bought from the dollar store because I saw that they sold poster-boards two for a dollar. Me being cheap, thought it would be an excellent opportunity to not buy pricey bristol board. The problem was that the non-waxy side of the paper was super spongy which meant all my inklines bled a bit. That is not to say my inking was great to begin with, but... well... that certainly didn't help.

So here's the first one. This is Batman fighting Wolverine. I used the new Batman costume worn by Dick Grayson because its fun and different and if I was going to do this, I might as well have made it fun for myself. This went to The Launch Pad in Lodi but as I don't visit that shop too often, I have no idea what happened to it. Hopefully something happened to it but as I didn't put too much commitment into it, I'm not too concerned one way or the other.

This is Superman and Thor. Superman is just plain old iconic Superman but for Thor i went with the Chris Samnee design for his new series which looks incredible. I messed up the design a bit but the majority of it is what he had.

And here's by FAR my favorite of the bunch. Green Lantern who I love and Iron Man who I don't hate. The Iron Man was a pain to do because I used his new costume and for those of you that can't tell the difference, that new costume is a pain. Still though, I liked how it turned out mainly because it has lots of shiny stuff to distract from my lame drawing. Thank god for shiny stuff.

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