Monday, December 29, 2008

Let's talk about... Wonder Woman.

See the thing with Wonder Woman that I respect is that She is a strong feminine character but what I can't stand is that everyone has to let me know that she's a strong feminine character. I feel like with this character I am told too often that she is beautiful and wise and noble and powerful but I rarely told this in an organic fashion. Even in the best interpretations of her (I don't read the Simone book but I should) like George Perez's acclaimed run on the book, its a lot of putting her in this grand position in the DC Universe. I think the character is done proving herself and there was a simpler time when the character was created that she was allowed to act independently of her status as a symbol and could be degraded and bound and beaten like you know... pretty much every other character does. That same equality isn't there and by making her a feminist symbol that is always this stoic figure, it feels like a contradiction to me.


Israel said...

That was a very touching tribute.

But seriously, who names their kid Harry Peter?

That kinda reminds me of my high school counselor, Harry Palmer. Nice guy, but I never wanted to shake his hand for some reason.

Listen folks, if your last name is Peter, or Johnson, Ball or Dick, don't name your kid Harry.

And if you live next to the beach, don't name your daughter Sandy.

Think about ot, there is a reason the saying is "Every Tom, Dick and Harry" and not "Every Tom Harry Dick."

Think people, think, otherwise someday, someone may ruin a heartfelt tribute to little Harry Peter Johnson Dick Butkuss.

People are just cruel that way...

Ramon Villalobos said...

He was often referred to as H.G. Peter. But Harry Peter is funny.

I once had an English teacher named Harry Stoner. How screwed up is that?