Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let's talk about... Me.

So in signing up for this blog, I went through the aggravating process of choosing a username to go before As you can see by reading this here blog, I ended up with because my email address uses brigante133 and so I figured it would be good symmetry. It's genius, I know.

But anyways.

What I found while randomly typing in different variations of my actual name, which would have been awesome to have instead of my email address and various chat client usernames, was that a few people have already taken up the easier to look up and The latter I can live with, I never planned on buying or renting that url address however that may work, but Ramon Villalobos of, you sir are a vile and inglorious human being. You have not only beaten me to the punch and staked your inconsequential stake no less than two years before I ever thought of starting up a blog. This is an irredeemable act and if you should happen to wander across this blog, I hope you know that I will hate you from now until the end of time.

This is not to say that I am not used to sharing my name. I have lived my entire life knowing that there were at least two other Ramon Villaloboses around as I am the third in a patriarchal chain to bear the name. But those bastards never ate up the pristine ramonvillalobos username on blogspot. They are men that I know and have known my entire life, I do not know you and I never want to. From what I understand your blog is about a leadership class that you took in April of 2006. And that's it. There is no wit, no humanity, no ideas worth sharing to any other human being that would require you to start a blog at all. I am not offended that you have taken my name, I am offended that you have wasted it.

What would happen if someone other than me stumbled upon your blog and assumed it was me? They would think that I watched Norma Ray and thought it was inspirational and I do not think that at all. Not one bit. I don't even know who Norma Ray is! According to Wikipedia she is some washed up french singer that is married to a soccer player... Sigh... What to do with you, Ramon... You are a lost cause. I sincerely hope that whatever you have done with your leadership tutelage since the year of 2006, it has led you to great things. Maybe one day you will blog about them. Maybe someone will read that blog. Probably not. It's probably lame.

Now onto that aforementioned Ramon Villalobos of I'm not going to lie, once I got over the shock of seeing a, I was pleased to see that you or your web designer has a bit of taste. It's a pretty classy little set up you have going on.See what I mean? Look at that picture of you, it couldn't be more pleasant and inviting. Look at the way the R and V are capitalized and bigger to leave the viewer with the sense that you are someone of importance. But Ramon... can I call you 'Mon? No? Okay. So Ramon, you have a much cooler set up than the lame blogspot Ramon Villalobos, so much so that I wouldn't even hazard to guess that you are one and the same. It just couldn't happen. You have too much class. But looking at your site... I get the feeling you could be doing more with it. I mean you are trying to sell a story that I don't even have any vague interest in and of all people, Ramon Villalobos should be interested by the life and times of Ramon Villalobos. And Ramon's not interested, Ramon. Not at all. Yes, you are a salt of the earth guy who would give me the shirt off your back if I for some reason needed or wanted such a shirt, but that's not good enough to keep my interest. I just really feel like you took an awesome name for a website and you have squandered its potential with zero regard for the rest of us Ramon Villaloboses. Mainly this one.

But anyways, sorry for the tangent anyone still reading. I appreciate you doing this because what is a blog without readers? Oh right... that. But back to the topic at hand, welcome to my blog. I hope you don't think that I am any reflection of the other various incarnations of Ramon Villalobos.

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HouseOfMystery said...

Hmm. What IS a blog without readers?

I wouldn't know...